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Cyber Bootcamp: GREAT Looks Like This!

Chris Daily
3 min readNov 20


As the VP of Learning at Eleven Fifty Academy, I have faced numerous challenges. I will leave those for another day.

Instead, I want to talk about what GREAT looks like. I have found that folks look in from their perspective without taking into account the context. They offer their criticism, yet they have never experienced GREAT.

I have experienced GREAT a few times in my career. I can tell you that once you have experienced great, everything else feels as though drudgery.

Our Cyber offering at EFA has the feel of GREAT. A lot of education professionals will tell you that. What makes this different?

In the last two cohorts of Cyber students, we have had a 95% pass rate on CompTia’s Secuirty+ certification. What is the overall pass rate of the SEC+? CompTIA doesn’t disclose the official numbers, but I can guarantee it’s not 95%. Simply, 24 out of 25 of our students got their SEC+ certification.

In my one-on-one with Jacob Bullock, one of our cybersecurity instructors, Jacob and I talked about his last cohort of cybersecurity students. Their cohort capstone project was to break into teams and work through an analysis of TryHackMe Rooms, documenting what they found, what struggles they had, and how they overcame those challenges.

All three groups posted their results on Medium. I was amazed when I looked at the capstone summaries that our students posted. You can check them out here:

TryHackMe Breaching Active Directory

TryHackMe: Splunk: Exploring SPL. When entering into the cybersecurity…

TryHackMe: Unattended Walkthrough

Critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, iteration, and teamwork were demonstrated. They not only got through the TryHackMe rooms, but they also shared their thought process and techniques for solving the challenges the rooms presented. Those skills will serve the new grads well as they continue their respective journeys.

In other words, the students crushed it.

If you’re considering a career in Cybersecurity, check us out by clicking here. Why would you go anywhere else?

If you’re an employer, when you are reviewing resumes for your next opening, check to see if the candidate is an EFA grad. If they are, call our Career Services group. They can help.

Be sure to put them on the top of the pile.

Thanks for reading.

About Chris Daily

Chris Daily is a distinguished author, speaker, and educator with a profound mission to empower individuals to change the trajectory of their lives. His life took a significant turn when he became a heart transplant recipient, an event that reshaped his perspective and purpose. With a heart for service, Chris is deeply committed to assisting the underprivileged.

Chris is VP of Learning at Eleven Fifty Academy and a partner at Agile Meridian. His vast professional background spans over three decades, holding executive positions in software development. Throughout his illustrious career, Chris has collaborated with a diverse range of companies, from grassroots non-profits to budding startups and industry giants including Experian, Fidelity National, and Angie’s List.

Jacob Bullock

Jacob Bullock is an Instructor of Cybersecurity at Eleven Fifty Academy in Indianapolis, IN. Jacob grew up in Indy, graduating from Warren Central High School on the city’s east side in 2012 before attending Butler University, where he received a Bachelor of Music in Music Education in 2016. After working professionally as a music teacher and band director in central Indiana schools for six years, he enrolled as a student in a part-time Cybersecurity course at Eleven Fifty Academy, finishing in November 2021.

In 2022, he resigned from his public school position in May, just before enrolling in the Salesforce Pathfinder program. He holds multiple certifications from CompTIA and Salesforce. He’s thrilled to be in a position now to leverage both his teaching abilities and his technical knowledge to develop the next generation of tech industry leaders at Eleven Fifty.

In his spare time, Jacob has his hands full with his three cats, Selina, Dexter, and Gizmo, spends time traveling, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Pride of Indy bands. He can be reached at his LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacobbullockindy/



Chris Daily

Chris Daily is an author and speaker focused on helping people change the stars through empowerment.